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Hotels in York

York has a wide array of hotels that cater to every taste and can fit even small budgets. However, for lovers and couples on holiday, the primary places to stay in York are its luxury hotels, country hideaways and guest houses.

York has an abundance of luxury places where lovers can pamper one another or relax and rejuvenate away from the stresses of their regular routines. The most prestigious luxury venue in York is The Royal York Hotel on Station Road, a favoured destination of not less than The Queen during visits to York. The Royal York Hotel is the preferred choice of people who have the money to spend.

The Newington Hotel on Mount Vale is another popular luxury address that provides a relaxed setting. Lovers can relax at the bar or lounge and share a romantic candle-lit dinner at the cellar restaurant. The elegant rooms feature four poster beds and a soothing whirlpool bath.

For travellers with a bent for the stylish and chic, The Quality Hotel offers original architecture and a strong sense of unique style, from the hotel’s stylish bed linens and rooms to its stylish restaurant.

The Aldwalk Manor Hotel is an exquisite luxury hotel in the Alne rural location near the River Ure, an ideal venue for a romantic rendezvous, featuring breath-taking views and rich, lush parklands. There’s an 18-hole golf course and a heated swimming pool on the premises as well as a relaxing sauna that will pamper you in style.

If a vacation on the countryside is more your cup of tea, York boasts of some of the best countryside hideaways in the United Kingdom, secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Parsonage Hotel in Escrick Village looks like it came right out of a fairy tale. It consists of 6.5 acres of breathtaking, beautiful gardens, 46 elegantly designed bedrooms and a popular award-winning restaurant that brings romance alive. The Parsonage Hotel is such an aesthetic wonder that it regularly draws tourists from far and wide.
Although it’s located a short distance away from the city centre, the Ramada Jarvis York on Shipton Road transports guests to a countryside setting and an entirely different world. Its nestled amid rows upon rows of elegant gardens and features a popular bar and a top-notch restaurant. Naturally, accommodations are world class, as befits its billing as a Ramada Jarvis hotel.

In Hawnby Village, there’s The Hawnby Hotel, a stylish countryside hotel with comfortable accommodations and a breath-taking view of the village.

For those that are looking for stylish and luxurious guesthouses have that distinct family-run appeal, York has numerous options that suit your tastes. For starters, there’s the Dairy Guesthouse, a fully restored venue that has all the original features of a Victorian house yet is located a mere 200 yards from the city centre.

Like many houses of Victorian times, the Dairy Guesthouse has a courtyard surrounded by flowers of different colours. It also has a restaurant which serves excellent cuisine, particularly for vegetarians and guests with special dietary needs.

Another impressive Victorian building is the Bronte Guesthouse on Grosvenor Terrace, a family-run enterprise that has won several awards for its service and accommodations. It’s a particular favourite of tourists and lovers and is also located just a stone’s throw away from the centre of York.

Located at the Bootham Crescent, the Beckett Guesthouse is a veritable hallmark of traditional style. The restaurant is always filled and its meals are an absolute delight, especially its breakfast, which locals ranks as one of the best in town. The Beckett Guesthouse offers both suites and luxury rooms.

The Heworth Guesthouse, located at the Heworth suburbs, is renowned for its friendly staff and excellent service. They boast of traditional English accommodations, which are very comfortable and feature all of the comforts of home.

If you want a traditional guesthouse that’s close to a traditional village pub, then the Grimstone House fits your requirements perfectly. Located at Deighton, Grimstone House occupies an elegant historical building that dates back to the 1930s. It has seven large rooms that are perfect for lovers and an extra large family room.

Meanwhile, for couples or families that always take the dog with them on holiday, York has a few pet-friendly guesthouses that will welcome you and Fido with open arms. And beyond that, they have excellent accommodations to boot. Perhaps the best of them is The Bull Lodge on Lawrence Street, a comfortable and top-notch venue where dogs are allowed and smoking is not.


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