Accor Hotels

Accor Hotels
Accor is a global provider of corporate services with origins in France. Its founders, Paul Dubrule and Grard Plisson started Accor Hospitality in response to an opportunity found in France. Leading hotels mostly sprouted only in Paris, which left all other tourist spots hotel-less. Now, Accor Hotels lead the hospitality industry in the world especially in Europe with over 4,000 hotels worldwide.


Executive King Rooms when you need extra space in a room both for sleep and some work with a hint of lifestyle, these rooms are for you. Aside for the usual amenities found in most hotel rooms, the following are offered for that complete feel:

oInternet access
oIroning board
oPay per view movies
oElectronic door locks

Executive Spa Rooms tired of walking all the way to the spa? Accor Hotels have these rooms to provide you with a private spa and all around more comfortable beds and sofas for maximum relaxation.

Executive Family Rooms as the name implies, these rooms fit perfectly for the average traveling family a queen size bed plus two separate single beds for the children.



Open for breakfast and dinner, Accor Hotels provides a warm atmosphere for the perfect fine dining experience.

Outdoor Grill

Open for lunch and dinner, its surrounding water ambiance sets an excellent experience for any anniversary or birthday celebration.

Cafs and bars
Cafs and bars are scattered all over the place to provide beverages, snacks and sweets to be enjoyed along with live entertainment from bands.

Corporate activity

Accor Accommodation Sydney, inspired by Accors main purpose of providing corporate solutions, naturally caters to any need for business conferences to be held. Conference and function rooms are available and can hold around 250 to 600 people depending on the room. Each room has a different layout in order to meet different needs. In addition, day packages are made available to organise and complete any conference with lunch menus or buffets.


Accor Hotels isnt all about business. Entertainment such as golf, bowling and M9 laser tag is available specifically for unwinding or team building exercises.

Golf courses

Golf has always proven to be an excellent sport for promoting some leisure. The courses available range from easy to highly challenging to give guests a complete golfing experience.


Suitable for all ages, up to 34 lanes are provided, as well as glow in the dark and bumper bowling to make sure everyone can experience the thrill.

M9 laser tag

Bringing children along? M9 laser tag is the perfect game with the thrill of violence, without the injuries. This game is situated in an urban setting where all the action and strategy of shooting is which makes it suitable even for adults.

The Accommodation in Penrith and show package at Novotel Accommodation in Sydney Rooty Hill is the perfect weekend getaway. When you check into your executive room, freshen up and relax before dining at one of our delicious restaurants, menu 33 or Zest Wok n’ Grill. When show time comes around enjoy the great entertainment at Rooty Hill RSL Club.

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Budget Hotel Delhi

Budget Hotel Delhi

Budget Hotel Delhi When we visit a place, irrespective of where it is, the primary concern always is to find a place to stay. A place for accommodation is always at the top of our priority list whenever we travel. If the place in question is a major tourist place or a huge city, we may have enormous number of options for the same. If it is a secluded place in an underdeveloped part of the world, you may have a hard time finding a decent option. But having said that, big cities can at times, be quite expensive and a tour to such places could prove to be a costly affair fro you. Most of the expenses during a tour could be reduced by making a few smart choices. The best way to do this is to find a very nice place to stay with reasonably priced services. You may want to stay at a budget or cheap hotel. But most of us don’t want to compromise with the comfort for saving some money. Delhi, is a place that offers a lot of variety when it comes to such facilities. There are many hotels in the city that offer cheap services. Some of these Budget Hotel Delhi provides quality services at reasonable rates.Delhi, as a city has a lot to offer to it’s visitors. Whether it is in terms of the cultural heritage, history, food or events, this is great place to spend one’s holidays. There are many places to be visited and many attractions from the perspective of a tourist. The famous Qutub Minar, which is the world’s tallest structure constructed with bricks, stands tall at 237.8 ft. it is one of the biggest attractions. Apart from this, The red fort, the Akshardham temple, the Lotus temple, and the India gate also draw a number of tourists every year. There are many tombs-big and small from the Mughal period scattered all over the city. The food here is fabulous. You can dig into some of the most mouth watering delicacies of the country in this city. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city, you would find food from all parts of the world here. In case you are excited to come over here, book your rooms in aBudget Hotel Delhithat provides the best of facilities as well and enjoy your stay!

Cheap hotels delhi

Cheap hotels delhi

Cheap hotels delhi The city of Delhi is not just political capital of India. This city also ranks amongst the biggest metropolitan cities of India. This city also has a great historical significance. It certainly has profound significance in the pages of history.  It has been a capital in different times and periods of the history. It had been the official capital of the Mughal Empire and the ‘living proofs’ of the eventful Mughal era can be clearly seen in this beautiful place. In India, this city is often referred to as the city of the Bighearted people. This is perhaps because Delhiites are an ebullient people wit ha lot of zest. People in Delhi are very friendly to the visitors and take immense pride in the greatness of their city. It is also a city of bige hearted people since it has been able to preserve its past and welcome the future with great elan and grace. It truly is a place that deserves to be the capital of a great nation. India stands for unity in diversity and the capital of this country epitomizes that very essence. The beautiful co-existence of the past and the present is quite conspicuous here. Through its stunning ancient monuments of the past  it displays its respect  for its past and through the modern symbols, it shows to the world that  it is doing very well to keep pace with the present and enthusiastically getting ready for the future. It is dreaming high. It has sky high aspirations. Delhi is preparing itself to join the ranks of the biggest cities in the world. Every year, countless many visit this city, and there are many cheap hotels Delhi to take care of the needs of all those tourists that doesn’t like to spend too much.There is humongous number of options when it comes to places of accommodation here in Delhi. Due to the increasing demand for such places, many hotels have sprung up here. Lot of these hotels  are quite expensive and a number of those hotels that provide affordable services lack in terms of quality. But the, there are some hotels that offer exquisite facilitires at rock bottom prices. Some of them offer services like, Well-furnished rooms, all modern facilities, cordial staff and 24X7 room services, Landline connection with intercom, STD, and ISD facilities, complimentary airport transfer, doctor on call, laundry, power backup and so on and so forth. In case you are looking for such Cheap hotels delhi, search for them on the Internet and save a lot of money while enjoying to the hilt.

Cheap Hotel Delhi

Cheap Hotel Delhi

Cheap Hotel Delhi Delhi as a city is more than just a metropolitan city of the country. It is certainly the capital of the country, but that is not all it is known  for. The city is the quintessential capital of the country. The city epitomizes everything that th country stands for. The biggest identity of this country is its diversity. Perhaps there is no other country that is as diverse as India. The country is the seventh largest country in the world and covers an area of 3,287,240 km2.India is made up of 28 states and 7 union territories each with their own languages and culture.The second most populous country in the language speaks 29 officially recognized languages and many other unknown languages. Delhi as a state and the capital displays a great amalgamation of all these cultures. The city doesn’t have a cleat ethnicity of its own. People from all across the country live here and the influences from all these parts of the country could be clearly seen here. In a way, the 3287240 Km2 country is encapsulated in a city that only covers an area of 1483 km2 .  The city with its vibrant culture and hiostorically relevant sites has become a major tourist destination as well. In case you have planned a visit and are looking for cheap hotels Delhi, then you should have plenty of options to choose from.There are countless number of hotels in Delhi where you can stay. There are expensive, luxury hotels and then there are three star hotels that provide services at reasonable rates. You could look for hotels that charge reasonable rates yet provide the best of facilities. A lot of people don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets but neither do they want to compromise with the comfort factor. For people like this  there are a few options in the city. Some Cheap Hotel Delhi offer very good services such as  Well-furnished rooms with attached bathrroms, all modern facilities, cordial staff and 24X7 room services,  STD, and ISD facilities, complimentary airport transfer, doctor on call, laundry, power backup etc. So look for such a hotel on your Delhi visit for a memorable vacation!

Delhi Budget Hotels

Delhi Budget Hotels

Delhi Budget Hotels When you go visiting a place, whether on leisure or work, what is that one thing that always, invariably bothers you? One of the things that always bothers a tourist (or rather a visitor) is the accommodation facilities in the city or the place. This is something that cannot be compromised with. You would hardly want to go to a place that is exciting and beautiful, but has pathetic living conditions. Every major place would have ample amount of accommodation facilities- with luxury hotels top cater to the demands of those who have exquisite standards of living and cheap and budget hotels for those who do not want to burn their pockets. If you are one who fall in the second category and have planned to visit Delhi in the near future, are you sure you have found a good hotel to stay in? Though Delhi has an enormous number of Delhi Budget Hotels, it is always nice to do a bit of research on this and get acquainted with the very best in this category. Look up on the Internet and search for a few good hotels that have been rated high. In case you don’t want to compromise with the quality of the sevices while paying less, choose a reputed budget hotel.

If you have decided to come down to Delhi, look for a good hotel. Now, a good budget hotel would offer the services a t rock bottom prices so that you can manage your stay well within your budget. While these hotels may not have services that come with the bells and whistles of the services of the luxury five star hotels, they would offer you decent facilities. Out of the countless Delhi Budget Hotels, there are a few that are competent enough to take care of all your needs. So choose wisely for a great stay.

Hotel Email Marketing

Hotel Email Marketing
Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways of reaching your existing and potential clients in a personalized manner. Since this is the era of digital communication email marketing is just the right kind of solution you want for your hospitality business as more and more people are now doing majority of their travel planning and booking through online means. Reaching the comfort of their homes or to their office desk, email marketing and campaigns can reach a large number of people at the most affordable prices irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

It can easily be used as a strategic tool for direct response and branding campaign. With this tool you can create a brand awareness of your latest happenings, schemes, events, prices and almost anything about your business directly to your customers. With various other benefits of email marketing this tool is always a profitable way of marketing your products and services.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

The cost involved in the entire campaign is relatively quite lower and affordable than regular mail system.
Email marketing increases the chance of immediate response as it links directly to the website. This in turn increases the chances of more visits through mails converting into plausible interaction.
This is again relatively quite a faster way of creating and implementing a whole strategy than regular mail.
It gives the ease of personalizing. It is easier to personalize an email than other mediums thus the convenience.

Pioneer Internet Marketing has comprehensive experience in developing and successfully implementing various email marketing campaigns in the hospitality industry. We have helped our customers through email marketing strategies, conceptualizing, planning the budget, launching the campaign and then providing timely maintenance and back up services.

We study and understand your clients, know about their business and then create a plan that fulfill their needs and their business requirements. We provide Email Marketing technology, advising on frequency and best practices, designing HTML email creatives, creating promotion copy, setting up and managing email campaigns etc. We reach your customers at the time with maximum information and benefits plentiful.

Our email marketing services include:

Review and Better Customer Email Capture Strategy
Online and Offline
Consolidate the opt-in email list from various sources
Website sign-ups, Online leads etc.
eNewsletter email campaigns to opt-in list

So if you are looking for a service provider who knows the nerves of the industry and understands the customer needs and the importance of email marketing for your business then Pioneer Internet Marketing is the right option for you. Contact us for more details or any other kind of information.

In order to expand your business on the internet, you need to have a strong and able partner who understands and extracts the best by utilizing the latest and up-dated technology, techniques and tactics of Web 2.0 which is a totally different domain compared to the hospitality industry. With Pioneer Internet Marketing on your side, you will find an able and efficient partner with experience and expertise to help y

Hotels in Dehradun

Hotels in Dehradun

Dehradun is the much relished city amongst the travelers whom need towards evade from the flights of monotonous routines. It is indeed its fortune towards be appreciated global as the capital city of Uttarakhand and for being the former choice towards showcase the splendid Victorian technique architecture and compositions. Besides, Dehradun glances electrifying because of its quaint charm and magnetism sheltered via the Himalayas and charismatic hill station such as Mussoorie. This erstwhile colony of British provides a warm and hearty welcome towards the tourists with its soften climate and excellent number of hotels. Dehradun pubs are the heavenly base for taking the fleeting glance of city’s picturesque brightness that mainly highlight onto national parks, lush green surrounds and divine towns of Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Hotels within Dehradun are frequently toured via the everybody breeds of tourists, whom arrive towards relish the sumptuousness of its vicinity such as corporation travelers, leisure travelers, and else travelers, whom stay within Dehradun earth class pubs such as budget pubs, Luxury pubs, 5 star pubs, 4 star, three star pubs and and hence rob huge joys from their first-rate hospitality. Different breeds of day-trippers choose these aforementioned categories of pubs according towards their budget and preference of taste. The superlative criterion approximately the pubs of Dehradun is that they are lined within the middle of verdant hills, and therefore appear towards be ecstasy for the freshly married pairs whereas they can earn true relish and cultivate their marriage life.

Each and every pub within the refreshing city of Dehradun is beautified with attractive subjects and latest pub amenities such as AC, swimming lakes, delectable multi-cuisines, gym, spy, shopping arcade, 24 hrs room service, transportation for locally sightseeing tours and a drift desk that entice you towards buy them there and otherwise and adrift yourself within the lap of reception natural earth of the place. Above and Beyond, the pub administration rob frequent feedback from the pub guests so that their submission should get executed there and otherwise and hence profession for the betterment of visitors and hotel.

Susanta is the author of Tours North India which offers complete information about various “>Hotels in Dehradun.

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Budget Hotel in Barcelona

Budget Hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most important cities in Spain. It has also hosted the Olympics. I would definitely recommend you to visit this city when you go to Spain. However it is a very costly city and you will definitely like to know about some of the hotels which are cheap. I am presenting some of the cheap hotels.

Barcelona is a great place to visit for a short city break but if you are only visiting for a long weekend, you need to stay in the centre to make the most of this beautiful city. I have put together a review of three very nice hotels that are all located in the centre but come at very different prices! Find out which one will suit your budget….

Barcelona has lots of good hotel for people having budget crunch. Take for example the hotel, “Hostal Campi” near Barri Gotic, which is a superb example of excellent services in a low budget. You will get accommodations that are large, sparklingly fresh and comfortable keeping your purse happy.

Proximity to major tourist attractions is a major vantage point of good hotels. Barcelona centre has quite a few budget lodgings. “Hostal Fernando” boasts of quite big and airy rooms and modern amenities. Safety reigns supreme in this hotel with lockers for safekeeping your belongings and security cameras.

If you would prefer to stay in a quieter part and travel into the city centre when you want to, then there are holiday cottages available for booking that are situated in little villages outside of the city in the countryside.

Holidaying in Spain does not have to be very expensive, as Spain is known for being one of the most affordable countries in Europe. It is possible to spend as little as 40 Euros a day and still enjoy a decent holiday.

Log on to and you’ll find everything that you need for great Budget Hotel in Barcelona

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Low Cost Hotels

Low Cost Hotels

We have always associated traveling to be an expensive activity that only the rich and famous can afford. Most especially if the place of destination is among the most expensive cities in the world, definitely, the expense will be a monstrous one. However, the challenge today is to allow yourself to immerse in a completely new world of exploration without really breaking your wallet. Can you really visit a foreign place and bask in their culture and wonderful sights without hurting your bank account? The answer is simple; yes, you can by staying in low cost hotels. Even in expensive cities like New York, Tokyo, Paris and London, one can stay in low cost hotels that are just within your means. Not much for a ritzy accommodation, but it will definitely give you a good night’s rest as well while enjoying your travel.

The key to traveling light in terms of budget is to make the necessary research on the place of your destination. It helps to be prepared, most especially in getting the list of these low cost hotels. It does not necessarily mean that because these places are economical then their services and amenities are too degrading for your preference. There are low cost hotels with simple yet relaxing abode for you to enjoy your stay while there. This is where research would come in handy for your search.

To help you look for the right place to stay while traveling, make sure to search online the most viable low cost hotels. Price is not just a major consideration, but also do take into account the amenities as well. There are bed and breakfasts perfect for a lone traveler, while there are dormitories that can accommodate a group of 10 and more. The low cost hotels you will seek out will depend of course to your needs in terms of numbers of person per room, extra amenities like pool for the kids among others. You can all find these details when you look for the perfect low cost hotels online. Now, who says traveling is just for the rich? You too can explore the city of your dreams, without dipping into your child’s college funds, thanks to these low cost hotels.

Searching for Low Cost Hotels that’s good for your travelling budget needs? Find the best hotel accommodation at affordable prices now and visit us at

Mauritius Hotels

Mauritius Hotels

Deciding on Mauritius as your holiday destination opens up a world of possibility when you consider all the fun and exciting activities that awaits you. Before you start making plans of things to keep you occupied throughout your vacation, the important details such as accommodation cannot be neglected. Mauritius Hotels promise a luxurious stay in one of the world’s most beautiful, natural locations. Hotel rates vary from hotel to hotel, and will largely depend on their star rating. You will easily be able to get competitive rates from numerous hotels as the booming tourism industry has increased competition in the industry.


With modern amenities expected from the best tourist destinations in the world, Mauritius will never cease to amaze. World renowned shopping centres, luxurious hotels and exciting fine dining and cuisine is what you can look forward to. Except for the world class accommodation on the island, there are plenty of other exciting and fascinating activities which will keep you well entertained throughout your visit. Play golf on some of the world’s most beautiful courses bordering strikingly beautiful Mauritian coastlines. Divers can revel in the opportunity to explore mesmerizing 18th and 19th century old wrecks, including ships sunk recently in an effort to create artificial reefs. Many Mauritius hotels often offer diving lessons to beginners in their pools before letting the enthusiasts venture out to sea.


Discover another part of Mauritius as you enjoy fascinating hiking trails unique to any other place on the planet. The south interior of Mauritius is very mountainous, blessed with beautifully forested valleys, rapid rivers, sparkling streams and unanticipated, hidden waterfalls. A major drawing card for tourists, many consider Mauritius’s hiking trails as the highlight of their trip.


Beach Tag will be able to help you with every aspect of your travel arrangements, ranging from booking stays at Mauritius hotels to booking tours and excursions. Trust Beach Tag to take care of every aspect of your trip, and enjoy your time in one of the world’s most exotic destinations.


Mauritius Hotels

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